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What We Have Done

Cartee & Morris, LLC has provided help and assistance to hundreds of clients in their time of need. There is no legal challenge too large to tackle.

The following are a few examples of whom Cartee & Morris, LLC has represented:
  • Tens of thousands of individuals who were poisoned by Agent Orange, a defective and poisonous chemical used during the Vietnam War. Both Jonathan W. Cartee and R. Stan Morris became admitted for that case in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Our representation of the victims of Agent Orange included numerous trips by us to the country of Vietnam and to New York City for court appearances and argument. That case eventually ended in the United States Supreme Court and work is proceeding to bring about a second action.
  • Hundreds of individuals who were the victims of the defective prescription drugs like Baycol and Vioxx. Our representation in the Baycol litigation involved the taking of testimony in Europe and the presentation of briefs in the United States Supreme Court. The Baycol litigation was prosecuted by Cartee & Morris, LLC in federal court in both Alabama and Mississippi simultaneously. The work of Cartee & Morris, LLC paid off, with hundreds of thousands of dollars going to their clients.
  • Victims of negligent medical care. Cartee & Morris, LLC has represented individuals who were injured by the negligent delivery of medical care. Most medical provider cases must go to a jury trial but one particular settlement involved a woman who was not safety belted while sedated and lying on a procedure table. Following the procedure the woman was left alone in the procedure room. The woman rolled off the table and struck the back of her head on the tiled floor. Even though the woman’s head was only sutured and she was released that same day, Cartee & Morris, LLC was still able to recover a $250,000 out of court settlement. Another case involved a patient in a mental health ward of a major hospital who was attacked by another patient, a male. We were able to obtain a favorable result on behalf of our patient and a trust established to take care of the client’s needs in the future. We can not reveal the exact dollar amount of this large settlement due to a confidentiality agreement.
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  • Individuals involved in automobile accidents involving 18 wheelers. One particular case involved a 19 year old male who has struck head on by a negligent truck driver whose employer had placed him in a truck riddled with safety violations. Fast to the action, Cartee & Morris, LLC impounded the truck before it could be repaired. That fast work eventually paid off with a settlement of over $2 Million. Another noteworthy case involved a truck driver who admitted to smoking crack cocaine approximately 30 minutes prior to slamming into a line of stopped traffic. Cartee & Morris, LLC were among the lead counsel who tried the case that resulted in all of the truck’s insurance money being paid out to victims.
  • Individuals who were the victims of drunk drivers. Cartee & Morris, LLC has brought lawsuits on behalf of their clients who were struck and injured by drunk drivers. One particular suit in Jefferson County, Alabama (Birmingham) resulted in a $625,000 award for a woman hit by a repeat drunk driver. The client was treated and released following the accident and did not have to undergo surgery, and the defendant had offered a mere $5,000 to settle prior to trial.
  • Individuals who were the victims of negligent/reckless drivers. Cartee & Morris, LLC has brought lawsuits on behalf of their clients who were struck and injured by reckless drivers. One particular suit in Jefferson County, Alabama (Birmingham) resulted in a $266,000 award for a client who was treated and released following the accident. The defendant had offered $7,500 prior to trial.
  • Individuals injured in construction accidents. Cartee & Morris, LLC has brought lawsuits on behalf of their clients who were injured in construction accidents. The death of a worker in an aerial man lift negligently struck by a dump truck resulted in a $2 Million settlement. Cartee & Morris’s investigation uncovered the fact that the driver of the truck that struck the aerial lift was legally blind in one eye and that his pre-employment medical examiner warned that the individual was not to operate motorized vehicles or machinery. The employer ignored the doctor’s warning and placed the driver in a 35 Ton dump truck.
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  • Individuals and Businesses affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Cartee & Morris, LLC represented numerous individuals and businesses by filing claims against BP pursuant to the Deepwater Horizon Class Action Settlement, resulting in the payment by BP of hundreds of thousands of dollars to our clients. We are currently representing other individuals and businesses whose claims are still in the process of being approved by BP, and expect further large recoveries for our clients once the claims are approved.
  • Individuals injured while at Sea and Jones Act cases. Cartee & Morris, has represented persons injured at sea or who are subject to the Jones Act. One such case involved the representation of an individual who was injured while working at the American Embassy in Paris. Another noteworthy case involved an assistant captain on an oil rig supply boat who injured his back when he slipped and fell, rupturing discs in his back. We were able to obtain a large settlement that we can not reveal due to a confidentiality agreement.
  • The families of deceased persons wrongfully killed. Cartee & Morris, LLC have represented numerous families whose loved one was killed at the hands of a negligent person or corporation and achieved success. Today, and in addition to the wrongful death cases that Cartee & Morris, LLC have handled in the past, at the moment we are handling three (3) wrongful death cases. One case involves the needless death of an 18 year old male who was killed by the negligence of a visually impaired driver. Another case involves the death of a toddler killed outside a pharmacy by a driver who jumped the curb, striking him and his father. The pharmacy building had been struck at least twice before by automobiles, yet the owners did not place protective barriers to prevent this from happening again. The pharmacy had such protective barriers around its air conditioner, however. A third death case involves the death of a jail inmate by nine (9) guards who used a choke hold to restrain the inmate. The inmate was mentally retarded and was taking medications to control seizures. The inmate had been denied his medications during his incarceration and had become agitated just prior to being choked to death.
  • Businesses whose intellectual property was stolen. Cartee & Morris, LLC has represented software suppliers whose intellectual property has been wrongfully taken by others, trying cases on the issues for as long as 6 weeks in one case. These cases are by their nature complex and exciting to work on, and the experience of Cartee & Morris, LLC in this area is surpasses by very few. Although the settlement amounts in most of the cases that we have settled in this area are protected by agreement, one case involving computerization of an intravenous pump was settled for over $3.2 Million.
  • Persons injured by Defective Air Bag/Seat belts. Cartee & Morris, LLC has handled numerous defective air bag/seat belt cases, and obtained settlements from major automobile manufacturers on behalf of our clients. We were able to obtain large settlements that we can not reveal due to a confidentiality agreement.
  • Persons Injured as the result of a slip, trip or fall while on the property of another. Cartee & Morris, LLC have enjoyed tremendous success in the area of representing persons injured while on someone else’s property. While the laws in Alabama and Mississippi highly favor the merchant, still Cartee & Morris, LLC have succeeded in obtaining large cash settlements for their clients.
  • Persons injured by defective products. Cartee & Morris, LLC has represented persons injured or killed by a product that was defective. We believe these cases are extremely important because we help not only our client, but also people we do not even know who may be protected from injury or death when a defective product is exposed by us and withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer.
  • Persons whose case was appealed. Cartee & Morris, LLC not only work in the court room, they also prosecute appeals in the appeals courts of Alabama and Mississippi and Federal appeals courts including the 2nd and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court.

We use the latest in technology to assist us in the preparation of our cases: Cartee & Morris, LLC believe that technology can vastly improve a jury’s understanding of the issues and thus have employed the use of computer generated graphics, projection systems and accident reconstruction in our trials. All members of Cartee & Morris, LLC are literate in the use of the latest software for legal research, case management and for the preservation and presentment of documents, graphs, charts and photographs. In one of our cases involving an 18 wheeler, a computer generated rendering of the accident was prepared for trial. The rendering was so realistic and persuasive that the trucker’s company settled the case prior to trial. The company that prepared the rendering still uses that very model with our permission in its advertisements to attorneys and as an example of what can be done to visualize a wreck that happened perhaps months or years prior to trial.
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